Eric Gaulin

Eric Gaulin is a man who enjoys exploration, adventure, and having the freedom to do so. All of these things are encapsulated in the sport of sailing. Eric has been aboard a sailboat since he was a mere infant. Growing up in Rye, New York, he was always close to the ocean by way of the Long Island Sound. Being near the water has alway been important to him, and will remain so.ericgaulin

Sailing provides an opportunity for someone to travel just about anywhere in the world. Having the freedom to navigate the open seas is something that has fascinated mankind since the first boat was built. Being at the helm of a sailboat runs parallel with Eric’s other hobby, motorcycling. Both allow for wind in your face, and freedom to roam. Being a licensed yacht and recreational motor operator he has captained boats of different varieties for years.

Eric has been lucky enough to sail to different parts of the world both with his family and friends. Living in New England, he has sailed up and down the Long Island Sound, out to Block Island, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket in what he calls the Cape Tour.

During high school, he was fortunate enough to sail to the Dutch West Indies and live aboard a catamaran. During this trip he enjoyed the beautiful weather on the sea and SCUBA dived nearly every day. Another adventure saw him travel to the Virgin Islands for a week, where he chartered and sailed a boat around the paradise islands while on vacation.

While in college, Eric Gaulin and his friends travelled to the British Virgin Islands aboard a 36 ft sailboat that he captained.

Currently he enjoys sailing aboard a small laser that he takes out of Rye, New York.